Which wiring upgrades should you include in your renovation project?

A home’s electrical infrastructure is not a one-and-done component or element; eventually, any space’s wiring may start to either deteriorate or become obsolete.

Aside from potential wear and tear to your electrical infrastructure, which may lead to a handful of electrical problems, you may need to carry out a few wiring upgrades to ensure your system works efficiently for years to come.

Many older homes in Australia still use outdated wiring that is simply not as efficient or safe. New technology like smart home devices may not function as well as they should in these spaces nor will you operate as energy-efficiently as you’d like. 

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to modernise your home’s electrical infrastructure—and here are a few wiring upgrades that can help. 

Install structured wiring

Nowadays, smart home technology is almost a standard in most homes.

Structured wiring is not a relatively new style of wiring but it has proven to improve the performance of smart home devices, WiFi routers and anything that requires network connections. 

With regular wiring, smart devices in your home will be competing with each other for bandwidth, and this may lead to slowdowns in your network.

Structured wiring is the solution to this problem.

Structured wiring involves running bundles or wiring, including electrical wiring, ethernet cables and fibre optic lines together into different parts of your home, where they end up in specialised ports and plates.

With this kind of setup, you can connect your home’s devices directly to both electrical wires and bandwidth cabling, giving each of them direct access to your home’s broadband and preventing any slowdowns.

Upgrade your main electrical panel

Your home’s electrical panel is essentially the control centre for your entire electrical wiring system.

Some homes still sport older panels that may be decades old, which may not work as efficiently as you would want them to. Older electrical panels generally have a limited number of circuits and may not be able to accommodate your current electrical usage. 

Given that homes today use 30%-50% more electricity than they did in the past and with more appliances being plugged into your infrastructure, the load on your electrical panel may affect the circuitry and wiring. 

Upgrading to a 200-amp electrical panel is generally an excellent upgrade for any modern home because it provides greater current than the standard 100-amp panel. 

Extend your circuits

With the way we use electrical appliances these days, you may feel like you simply do not have enough electrical outlets in your home to accommodate them.

Adding more electrical outlets may seem like a great solution but it is difficult to do and you could exceed your home’s service rating. A good alternative to adding new outlets is to extend one of your existing circuits.

To use an existing circuit, all you need to do is make sure that both the neutral and hot wire are in the same direct connection as the main electrical panel.

Install a subpanel

Installing a subpanel can help you reduce your electricity bills and ensure that you use electricity more efficiently.

Similar to an electrical panel, a subpanel distributes electricity; unlike an electrical panel, however, the subpanel only distributes electricity to a specific part of your home. 

Subpanels are connected to the main panel and provide an electrical extension for areas that are relatively far away using feeder wires.

One of the biggest advantages of having one of these in your space is that in the event of an electrical problem, the breakers in the subpanel will go off without tripping the main panel. 

This, in turn, can help you localise any electrical problems your home may have and tell you where any fixes or upgrades need to be made. 

Modernise your home with the right wiring upgrades!

Keeping your home’s electrical infrastructure updated and compliant will allow you to use and enjoy your devices more efficiently and with little need for maintenance to your overall system. 

What’s more, a home with an upgraded electrical system is more valuable on the market if you have plans to put your home up for sale in the future!

If you’re making renovations to your space and want to make electrical upgrades at the same time, get in touch with professional electricians in Port Macquarie today.

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