Optimising your energy use with the right smart home solutions

Electricity has become such a vital resource that we can’t quite imagine how life would have been without it. Incredibly, electricity has only been around for a little under two centuries.

Despite its essentiality, it can be expensive to generate, a feature reflected in our electricity bills.

With electricity bills here in Australia ranging from $1334 to $1831 annually, saving electricity is something every homeowner should be practising now. Simple solutions like remembering to turn off the lights or avoiding power-hungry appliances aren’t enough to lower energy consumption anymore.

Fortunately, with new technologies available today, we have smart home solutions that can help us save electricity and keep our bills low. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of these smart home solutions and how they can be utilised.

Smart lighting

Gone are the days when we had to go from room to room, checking to see if any lights were still on. Today, smart lighting allows us to control all the lighting in our home remotely and adjust them however we want.

Smart lighting uses intelligent LED bulbs which are connected to an app or a smart assistant which allows you to control the lights without using any switches. The home’s entire lighting system can be controlled from your phone or even your voice, if you’re using a home assistant like Alexa.

Here are some ways smart lighting can help you save energy:

They let you control light intensity: Brighter the lights, the more energy they’ll use. With smart lights, you can dim them to make them use less energy.

They use LED lights: LED lights use 75% less energy than traditional light bulbs and are designed to last longer.

They can be automated: Smart lighting can be programmed to turn on or off at specific times of the day; you won’t have to worry about any unnecessary lights wasting electricity if you forget to turn them off.

Smart blinds

Smart blinds are a relatively simple smart home solution that can save you a lot of energy.

These are motorised window blinds that can be controlled remotely and can function independently, thanks to their light sensors. Just like smart lighting, these blinds can be programmed to raise and lower themselves at specific times.

During sunny days, especially during the harsh summer months, the light coming into your home can make your interior heat up. When this happens, you’re likely to use fans and air conditioning frequently, consuming a lot of electricity.

Since smart blinds help regulate the temperature inside your home, you’ll be able to keep your fan and air conditioner usage relatively low, saving energy.

Smart power strips

These intelligent electrical plugs are designed to cut power to household devices that are not in use.

Some devices continue to use electricity in standby mode, with household appliances like televisions contributing up to 5% to your usage in this way.

Smart power strips can detect which devices are in standby mode and immediately cut off power for these devices. It does this by identifying how much electricity is being consumed by a device; if the electricity consumption is less than 10%, the strip cuts off supply power to it.

Some smart strips can be programmed to supply or cut power to devices at certain times. This feature is especially useful for cutting power to devices like computers and the television, which people sometimes leave powered on.

Smart power strips can even prevent common electrical issues like power surges.

Smart home solutions—saving energy has never been easier

Electricity has changed the way we live forever and made the impossible possible; having become such an essential commodity, we must find ways to use it responsibly. These smart home devices are an excellent way to do so, helping us conserve energy and money at the same time.

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