Essential Energy Accredited Service Provider

John Hutchison Electrical is an Accredited and Authorised Level 2 Service Provider for Essential Energy.

At JH Electrical, we are an Essential Energy-accredited service provider, which means that we have partnered with the NSW government-owned corporation, Essential Energy. As a result, we are committed to building, operating, maintaining, and distributing electrical networks to corporate and commercial customers in Port Macquarie and surrounding areas.

If the power-supply connection in your corporate or commercial premises has been damaged or destroyed due to natural circumstances, you can contact JH Electrical to support you through the reconnection process as we are a qualified, Essential Energy-accredited service provider in NSW.

You can also contact our team at JH Electrical if you require a new electrical connection setup or a connection alteration for an existing connection. These alterations include services like addition, extension, expansion, upgrades, augmentation, or any other type of modification to the electrical network at your location.

As the work involved in setting up a new electrical connection or changing a connection is considerable, customers are advised by Essential Energy to contact Essential Energy-accredited service providers located in their area. This is to ensure complete efficiency and convenience and help you enjoy a hassle-free experience.  

Essential Energy was formed from the previously state-owned energy business, Country Energy, when the retail division of the company, along with the Country Energy brand, was sold by the NSW Government in 2011 to Origin Energy.


The services we provide include:

  • Underground Service Mains Installation
  • Underground Service Mains Connection
  • Surge Protection
  • Three Phase Power Installations
  • All Installation & Upgrades
  • Switchboard Upgrades
  • Extra Lights & Power Points


  • What are the services you provide as an essential energy-accredited service provider?

    At John Hutchison Electricals, we provide essential energy services such as building, maintaining, operating and distributing electrical networks to commercial and corporate customers in and around the Port Macquarie area. This includes electrical reconnection services for electrical networks destroyed by natural disasters.

    Our team also has the experience to provide electrical modification services such as the addition, extension, expansion, upgrade and augmentation of electrical networks for commercial infrastructure.

  • How do you set up a three-phase power connection?

    A three-phase power connection is generally meant for large-scale equipment used in commercial and industrial applications, but it can be set up for residential buildings as well.

    In Australia, as per the law, you are required to hire a qualified and registered electrical service provider to set up a three-phase power connection. There are a few things you should consider before switching to this power delivery standard, however.

    • Existing single-phase appliances might not work with your new power delivery standard unless they’re modified
    • Three-phase power delivery is more expensive than the traditional power delivery standard
    • The energy consumption benefits of three-phase power usually only apply to large-scale industrial equipment
  • What are the benefits of consulting an essential energy-accredited service provider in Port Macquarie?
    • Essential energy-accredited service providers help you ensure maximum energy efficiency
    • Accredited service providers are authorised by the NSW government to provide their services
    • They offer you plenty of convenience and a hassle-free experience while undertaking extensive electrical work
  • How do I find the best electrician in my area?

    Word-of-mouth is a good way to find the best electricians in your area—your neighbours are more likely to recommend you a good electrician.

    You can also search for electricians in your local online directory. When you do, make sure to check for the reviews and ratings of each electrical service provider.

    When you’ve shortlisted a few options, go to their website and ensure they are qualified and registered—Australian law requires electricians to be certified and registered.

  • What is an electrician's job?

    An electrician performs a wide range of electrical services for residential and commercial properties.

    At John Hutchison Electricals, for example, we provide a range of services, including:

    • Underground service mains installation
    • Underground service mains connection
    • Surge protection
    • Three-phase power installations
    • Switchboard upgrades
    • Extra lights & power points
    • Home automation installation