Decoding domestic electrical myths with expert electrical solutions in Port Macquarie

Electricity is a commodity we simply cannot live without. It powers our homes and, dare we say, makes life worth living.

For decades now, the applications for electricity have grown immensely—pretty much everything we use nowadays requires electricity, from smartphones to electrical blankets. 

With the growing use of electricity, however, there has also been a rise in myths associated with this resource. While they’re just myths, they can interfere with how you use electricity and how much easier your life can become.

Many of these myths have trickled down from generation to generation and a lot of people still believe in them. Fortunately, we have many expert electrical solutions that help us debunk these myths and make the most of our infrastructure and setups.

In this post, let’s take a look at the three most common household electrical myths and why they’re more fiction than fact.

1) Idle electrical devices do not use electricity

A popular myth is that any electrical appliance that is not in use, but still plugged in, will not consume electricity. This, of course, is not true.

Appliances that are still plugged into a wall socket will draw in electricity. In fact, studies show that idle devices plugged in can actually increase your annual electricity bill by 10%. 

The cost of leaving your appliances on standby is even bigger.

The most obvious way to prevent idle devices from leeching electricity is to unplug them—the problem is that we forget. 

One best practice is to set a reminder on your phone to unplug idle devices. 

Alternatively, you can purchase a smart power strip for power outlets that are in hard-to-reach places in your space. Smart power strips have in-built sensors and timers that cut off power to appliances without your intervention. 

You can also install a master power board, which shuts off both electrical appliances and their peripheral devices (like a computer and its printer).

2) Old houses have outdated wiring

A lot of people believe that if a house is old, its electrical infrastructure is outdated and may need to be replaced. Unless the wiring has been damaged or the electrical infrastructure has been compromised in any way, however, wiring does not simply “grow old” and expire.

Electrical wiring is designed to last for decades and running an electrical current through them will not wear them out over time. Houses can have miles of wiring running through their wall, so replacing all of them is not only expensive but it could also mean changing the structure of your house itself!

While the electrical infrastructure of an old house will not wear away with time, external forces like water damage and weather can still have an impact. Keep an eye out for flickering lights, blown fuses, and loose outlets—these are signs that your wiring is damaged in some way.

If your house is older, install a new service panel and replace all outlets with modern, three-pronged units to prevent electrocution. With these upgrades, your home’s electrical infrastructure will work efficiently for years to come. 

Make sure you also carry out domestic electrical maintenance at least once a year.

3) GFCI can protect your devices from a surge in electricity

Port Macquarie is no stranger to thunderstorms. 

Thunderstorms, while eerily beautiful, can cause damage to your electrical infrastructure if you have not taken the right precautions. A popular device for protecting your appliances against electrical surges is the GFCI—a trusty device that has prevented electrocution accidents in 50% of Australian homes.

Contrary to popular belief, the GFCI may not always protect your appliances against electrical surges, however—their actual purpose is to protect people from getting electrocuted. 

To protect your home from power surges, you will have to take extra precautions. 

The best approach is to have a surge protector installed. Surge protectors keep all your appliances safe by redirecting the excess electricity into the earth through an earth wire. For extra protection, use a UPS for important devices like your computer and smart power strips (as they have their own fuses) to protect other appliances like your TVs.

Make the most of your electrical setup with expert electrical solutions!

There are plenty of electrical myths floating around out there, which may contribute to certain decisions that could compromise your safety or your devices’ lifespans.

With expert electrical solutions and the right knowledge, cut through these myths and enjoy the benefits of a robust electrical system in your home!

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