Should you conduct domestic electrical maintenance regularly?

Ever since its first application back in 1882, electricity has changed the world and shaped it into what it is today, making way for incredible advances in science and technology, like telecommunications, the internet, and eco-friendly electric vehicles.

Still, we take electricity for granted because we’ve come to perceive it as mundane. Despite this, it’s hard to imagine how life was before the advent of electricity. 

Despite all its benefits, however, electricity can turn against you in an instant with devastating consequences if you aren’t careful.

For that reason, looking into maintaining your electrical infrastructure at home and making sure it’s in good condition is important—and regular domestic electrical maintenance can help with that.

Is it necessary to do electrical maintenance?

In certain parts of Australia—like New South Wales—every homeowner is legally obligated to maintain their electrical system in proper working condition to avoid any accidents.

It’s recommended that homeowners maintain their electrical systems by conducting minor maintenance annually. 

In addition to that, many electricians recommend conducting substantial electrical maintenance every 3-5 years.

There are many benefits to regular electrical maintenance; here are some of them:

  • Regular domestic electrical maintenance keeps you and your family safe

Even though we use electricity every day, it’s important to understand that electricity is still very dangerous and can cause injuries, or even death, if you’re not careful. 

In fact, in Australia, 73% of deaths by electrocution happen at home and 61% of electricity-related injuries are caused by household appliances and wall sockets. In many of these cases, the cause is poor wiring, faulty or damaged electrical outlets, and malfunctioning electrical appliances.

Electrocution isn’t the only danger electricity poses, however—household fires can also be caused by electricity. Around 40% of all house fires in Australia are caused by electrical appliances and poor wiring.

While these statistics can be a cause for concern, rest assured that with regular electrical maintenance, you can keep your loved ones safe from electrical injuries and prevent your home from going up in flames.

  • Regular electrical maintenance keeps you productive and comfortable

We use more electricity now than at any time in history. 

We rely on it for everything from heating and lighting to powering our transportation, and with the ongoing pandemic, we are more reliant on electricity to get our work done and entertain ourselves too.

A recent survey showed that around 57% of Australians actually prefer to work from home, despite being able to be physically present in the workplace. Australian companies even experienced a 40% increase in productivity as a result of remote work.

If you like working from home too, your electrical system at home should support what you want to do. Electrical faults could affect your work or studies. They won’t just affect your WiFi or work equipment, however—they could also affect your home’s heating and cooling systems and this can very well make you uncomfortable regardless of what you’re doing.

Beyond just that, the reality is that you need your home’s air conditioning and heating systems to be in perfect working order for the winter months ahead and the summer after that. 

Electrical maintenance in your home can prevent heating, cooling or even productivity-related problems throughout the year.

  • Become more energy-efficient and cut down on your utility expenses

Every month, an average Australian family spends thousands of dollars to pay for their electricity. According to recent statistics, electricity bills in Australia average between $1,334-$1,967.

What many people don’t realise is that their electricity bill could end up eating into their wallet even more if their homes have faulty wiring or the electrical appliances have not been maintained regularly. 

Fortunately, with regular maintenance, your home’s electrical infrastructure will be more efficient and allow you to keep your electricity bills at a minimum!

Domestic electrical maintenance on a regular basis can make your house a home

Electricity has become a staple in our lives and we simply can’t live without it. If we want to make the best out of it, however, we need to commit to regular electrical maintenance.

If you are unsure of how to go about getting this done in your space, find out more about domestic electrical services.

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