Commercial electrical solutions to boost workplace energy efficiency

For every modern workplace, electricity plays a crucial role in how work is done and how efficient the business is.

Commercial buildings use a large amount of electricity daily; in fact, businesses in Australia use up a staggering $20.2 billion worth of electricity every year.

Electricity isn’t cheap and there are many other aspects business owners will want to spend their earnings on, like improving and growing their company—but high electricity bills could create a bottleneck in their plans.

Fortunately, with a few commercial electrical solutions, business owners can reduce their electricity consumption and save money in the long run.

Here are some commercial electrical solutions that can make your workplace more energy-efficient.

Use a power management system

Unlike most homes, workplaces have different power requirements in different parts of the building. For example, a company’s server room will need far more power than the lobby or the cafeteria.

When you find out which parts of your workplace require more power and where electricity is wasted, you can optimise your company’s electricity usage for greater efficiency. For this, you’ll need a power management system.

A power management system is a network of electrical sensors and devices, like smart meters, installed in various locations in a commercial building. These devices give you real-time information about your electricity consumption.

Although you could choose to have a few stand-alone metering devices to give you this information, a network of such devices will be more effective, giving you the information you need on a single user interface (this depends on the power management system you’re using).

Thanks to these systems, businesses can provide more electricity to where it’s needed, replace the office equipment that’s using too much power and manage electrical input for equipment so that they work more efficiently.

Use power management software in office equipment

These are simple programs that you may find on your office computer, printer, or any other equipment.

Despite their simplicity, they can play a huge role in helping a business save electricity. A typical office building will be home to many computers and other equipment and will use up a lot of energy daily. Even after hours, these devices may be left running.

With the power management software, all these devices can be calibrated to use less energy during working hours and go into sleep mode or hibernation when they aren’t in use.

This simple commercial electrical solution can help reduce your electricity bills with just a few mouse clicks.

Control the lighting

Lighting could contribute nearly 40% of your commercial building’s electricity consumption. 

Of course, something as simple as turning off the lights will not be enough to save power for a commercial building but there are few solutions to help you make your office lighting more energy-efficient:

Occupancy sensors

These are devices commonly found in modern residential homes but they can be used in a commercial building if they’re placed cleverly. They can sense if a room is occupied and turn off or dim the lights if there’s no one in the room.

Most commercial buildings will need to be fully lit during working hours but these sensors may prove effective in places that are rarely occupied, like the bathrooms and server rooms, which don’t need to be fully lit all the time.

Other places in the office where these sensors can be installed are in conference rooms and private offices.

Lighting control system

These are panels that can be installed next to the building’s main electrical panel; it gives you complete control of the office’s light fixtures.

The lighting control systems allow you to programme your lighting to turn on or off at predetermined times of the day, like when working hours begin and end. They can also let you control the intensity of the lighting, which is a useful feature since intense lighting uses more power.

Installing this system is complicated, so you should consider speaking to professional electricians before you include it in your office’s electrical infrastructure.

Get in touch with professionals for more commercial electrical solutions

With these solutions, you can save money on electricity and be one step ahead of your competitors by making your business a highly efficient workplace.

Once your office is energy-efficient, give some emerging electrical technology a try and make your office into a futuristic work environment.

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