Commercial Electrical Services

John Hutchison Electrical provides a range of commercial electrical services to businesses in Port Macquarie and surrounding towns. Our experienced electricians are well equipped to deliver first class service. We provide an assurance of quality services to corporate and other commercial properties.

At JH Electrical, our company provides you with end-to-end services for all your electrical needs. Through our commercial electrical services, we undertake a range of installations and upgrades in various settings like an office building, apartment complex, school, or hospital. 

By working with us, have all your corporate and commercial electrical needs met under one roof, save your time and money, and create an environment supported by expert-led commercial electrical services.

Work with us today and communicate your requirements to our skilled team of electricians.

Our commercial electrical services include:

  • Emergency Electrical Services
  • Test & Tagging
  • General Power Services
  • Emergency & Exit Lights
  • Troubleshooting
  • Surge Protection
  • Three Phase Power Installations
  • All Installation & Upgrades
  • Switchboard Upgrades
  • Extra Lights & Power Points


  • How often should you check and test your commercial electrical systems?

    Generally, commercial buildings require a periodic electrical inspection every five years to ensure all electrical outlets and equipment are safe to operate.

    Commercial buildings in high-risk environments, however, need to undergo a periodic electrical inspection every three years as there is a higher probability of damage to electrical infrastructure.

  • What are the most common electrical issues in commercial properties?

    Some of the most common electrical issues we’re seeing in commercial properties include:

    • Flickering or dimming lights
    • Tripping circuit breakers
    • Faulty electrical outlets
    • Unprotected and damaged wiring
    • Faulty electrical connections
    • Inadequate electrical outlets
    • Grounding issues
  • What are the signs of electrical problems in a commercial property?

    In most commercial buildings, flickering or dimming lights is a good indicator of faulty or loose electrical connections. Faulty electrical infrastructure may also cause circuit breakers to trip frequently.

    Another common sign of issues with electrical infrastructure is burnt fuses, which indicates an overflow of current in that circuit.

    If you notice any of these issues in your property, contact a qualified and registered electrician immediately.


Commercial Electrical Quote

John Hutchison Electrical can provide you with a competitively priced quote for your commercial electrical project. Simply give us a call on 0403 354 931 to arrange a site inspection or complete the form below.